Services of high quality and aesthetics

About us

With more than 50 years of woodworking experience and 25 years of specialized work on boats and ships, we cover every construction and repair that suits your needs.

In collaboration with the best timber dealers, we use top quality materials to provide high quality services.

We undertake the restoration or replacement of the ship’s furniture which is worn by the time and conditions of the sea. We also undertake any carpentry work, such as furniture polishes, furniture upholstery, new furniture constructions, wooden floors, cabins, ceilings, kitchens, and generally any wooden construction of the boat.
We preserve, repair, renovate and polish the furniture, achieving the desired result.

We provide manufacturer’s warranty of 10 years for the new deck, and 8 years for the plating rubbers.

Having completed over 200 different projects, we place special emphasis on keeping your timetable and the high aesthetics of the result.